Recess Attachment Ordering Information

Langolf Company Recess Attachment part numbers correspond to attachment style, bore size, and machine information.  For example, a LR-M2-5A3 is a Milling Style Recess Attachment with a 3/4" Bore Size for a 1 1/4" National Acme RB-6 with RSA-3 Spline Shaft.
The part number is divided as follows:
LR  = Langolf Company Recess
S, or J, or M = Stationary, or Adjustable Stationary, or Milling
1,2,3 = 5/8", or 3/4", or 1" respectively
5A3 = Machine designation and Spline Shaft Size (see charts by machine below)

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For machines not listed, please call for information