Langolf Company Recess Attachments


Langolf Recess Attachments are available in three designs: Stationary, Adjustable Stationary, and Rotary Milling (shown above), for use on Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machines and Chuckers.

The Heavy-Duty Stationary and Adjustable Stationary Recess Attachments are used for internal recessing cuts such as back chamfers, O-ring grooves, etc...where finish is a must!

The Langolf Company Heavy-Duty Rotating Milling Recess Attachment is used for especially heavy and large removal of stock or when chips are a problem in small holes.

It's performance and features make these three attachments outstanding.
  • FASTER SETUP Easy-to-reach adjustments and are made simple and convenient for the operator.
  • HEAVY-DUTY attachments are made of heat treated steel and flat ways are precision ground to provide smooth slide action for holding closer tolerances longer on your parts with finer finishes...
  • POSITIVE RETRACTION Two heavy duty return springs located outside the attachment provides stabilizing pressure equally and eliminate chip clogging. 
  • CHATTER CONTROL Tool steel rectangular gib with easily adjustable set screws provide for fine adjustment without binding
  • Different rises, the attachments for the smaller machines have a 10 degree rise for 1" of end slide travel = .176 of cutting tool travel.  The attachments for all other machines have a 15 degree rise  for 1" of end slide travel = .268 of cutting tool travel.

Langolf Recess Attachments are available for: National Acme, New Britain, Wickman, Warner & Swasey, Cone, and Greenlee.  Please contact us if you have a machine not on this list.

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