Shave Tool Holder Ordering Information

Langolf Company Shave Tool Holder part numbers correspond to head capacity and machine information.  For example, a LCS-1250-3A3 is for a 1 1/4" National Acme #3 Mount, #3 Base.
The part number is divided as follows:
LCS  = Langolf Company Shave
1250 = Head Capacity: 1250=1 1/4", 2625= 2 5/8, 3500=3 1/2", etc.
     3  = Mount
   A3  = Machine Base:  A=Acme, E=Euroturn, NB=New Britain, etc.
Quick-Change Holders have a "D" in the part number directly after the Mount designation.  For example, the Quick Change equivalent of the holder above is the LCS-1250-3DA-3.

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